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Riley's Hope


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Riley Morgan was Born June 25, 2003, to Shanna and Todd Morgan. Although she had a number of physical challenges, Riley touched many lives during her short time on this Earth. Her medical condition left her with limited physical and verbal ability. However, her infectious smile and love for those around her altered lives and brought our family together. Shanna and Riley always had hope that her Daddy would find sobriety. Todd’s path was one of self-destruction and failure, eventually leading to the loss of friends, family, and love for life. Shanna often said, “God gave you that little girl to take care of.”


With the support of Riley, Shanna, Family, and Friends Todd found true sobriety on June 22, 2010. God works his miracles in different ways. Riley was one of them; as we see it, she was given to us to take care of our family and bring us closer together.


On January 14, 2012, Riley went home to be with God. We believe she continues to look after her family, her friends and every one who ever met her and experienced her love. Riley’s Hope was born out of the love and acceptance Riley Morgan brought into the world. Let our outstanding staff show you how you can benefit from the same.

Riley’s Hope! Providing Support for Families Everywhere!

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